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Dennis Dowling for Yavapai County Justice of the Peace Arizona 2018

"With your support, I will proudly uphold the standards of due process fairly and impartially; promote respect for the justice system and our citizens; and continue to protect our community and constitution with the highest standards of diligence, dignity and grace."





Dennis Dowling is an Arizona native from the Valley, but after visiting family in Kirkland, he fell in love with the rural setting and small town values. Since 2005, he and his wife, Diana have lived in the close-knit community where they knew they could raise their three boys.

For years, Dennis worked in the education system with schools that specialized in aiding children that were homeless, incarcerated, or needed a second chance. By offering these students the dignity, respect and fairness they were not getting elsewhere, many were able to succeed. In 1997, Dennis started and has successfully run a small business for the last 20 years, and that longevity comes from embracing the importance of customer service, honesty, and efficient business practices.

In 2014, Dennis brought his experiences and values to a public service position and was elected Constable for the Bagdad/Yarnell Justice Precinct and currently serves in this position. As constable, his priorities are protecting our citizens and helping them whenever possible, while being efficient with taxpayer dollars.

Dennis focuses on ensuring everyone's rights are protected equally, diligently performing all duties of the office. He has continuously promoted the values of our rural communities in our county and statewide, always advocating for efficient, local government. He recognizes the need for leadership that works towards these standards to ensure confidence in our local judicial system.

Dennis knows that it takes integrity, hard work, and commitment to keep communities strong. Due to his conservative values, he has served as a precinct committeeman, captain, and state delegate for the Yavapai County Republican Party. He strongly believes in positive youth development, and currently serves as Chairman for the Yavapai County 4-H/FFA EXPO committee. He is also a member of the Weaver Mountain Chamber of Commerce, National Rifle Association, Republican Men's Forum, and Republican Women of Prescott.

In 2015, Dennis was elected to serve on the Arizona Constable Association Executive Board, which provides training to justice court constables statewide and deals with legislative issues concerning the office of constable. In 2016, he was elected to be the first Presiding Constable for Yavapai County, and has diligently worked with his peers to promote our values countywide.

This focus on the putting the people of his precinct first has led to an easier interaction with the justice precinct, less people incarcerated for justice court cases, and significant savings to the taxpayers for incarceration costs. In 2017, Dennis was named "Constable of the Year" for the Arizona justice court precincts.

Dennis is fully committed to ensuring that the people of our precinct are treated fairly and have an equal voice in Yavapai County's court system. To continue this, Dennis is now running for Justice of the Peace for the citizens of the Bagdad/Yarnell Precinct.

Dennis has consistently been able to promote, protect and represent the values of the people who elected him, and is thankful every day for the people and opportunities that have come into his life that have made a difference for his family and his community.


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